Hi! I have been busy with school but now that summer is here, I can fill everyone in on the events that I have attended as a titleholder!

I had the opportunity to attend a Dinner and Dance fundraiser for Operation Smile. This wonderful fundraising event was organized by Kesiah Papasin, a 211168495_1462402453.8096_funddescription016 delegate for Miss Universe Canada and Miss International Canada 2014.

Operation Smile is an international charity that aids children and young adults in developing countries who are born with cleft lip, cleft palate, or other facial deformities by providing thousands of free surgeries. This charity has been very successful through the help of many volunteers.

Attending the Celebrate with a Smile Fundraiser for Operation Smile

All of the proceeds that were collected in this fundraiser were donated to Operation Smile, to help more children live a happier lifestyle. This event was filled with great entertainment throughout the night. Dance and singing performances and fashion shows made the night lively. I enjoyed watching all of the performances and was glad to be a part of the event by joining the fashion show wearing my crown and sash.


Fashion Show time!

Joining the Fashion Show









-Ranielle, Miss Teenage Scarborough 2016


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Hi again! Another event calls for another blog!

Recently, I attended the “Evolution of IPEN Homecoming 2016” event held in Scarborough at Rembrandt Banquet Hall. The special guest for the night was Mister International 2015, Pedro Mendes, from Switzerland. This event showcased the evolution of IPEN- 25 years of beauty, glamour, and prestige and I was able to attend and witness this great occasion!

Upon arrival, each beauty and gent was given a chance to take pictures and walk the red carpet. Every guest was also given the opportunity to take a photo with Mister International prior to the start of the event. For the night, I sat at the same table as Mister International along with other fellow beauty queens. We each got to know and speak to Pedro and also share a few laughs throughout the night. There were performances by local artists and I personally enjoyed them all. But of course, an event is definitely not complete without…PHOTOS, especially when the guest is the reigning Mister International!


Photo with Beauties and Mr. International

Walking as Miss Teenage Scarborough 2016/Finalist for Miss Teenage Canada







After winning the title of Miss Teenage Scarborough 2016 and being a finalist for the upcoming Miss Teenage Canada pageant, I have been given many opportunities to promote the pageant and speak about my platform and goals. At this homecoming, I was introduced as a finalist for Miss Teenage Canada. Given the chance to speak, I invited everyone to attend the Miss Teenage Canada finals night to support me and briefly provided an intro to my platform of “social media safety”, as well as mentioning my fundraising efforts for Free The Children and helping the Victims of the Fort McMurray Fire. I am very grateful for each opportunity that I get to promote Miss Teenage Canada and my platform.


Speaking to the audience about Miss Teenage Canada and my platform and goals as a finalist

As the event came to an end, all the beauties and gents gathered in the lobby and lined up to take photobooth pictures. Luckily, me and my two friends were able to get one with Pedro. Another photograph to keep for memories! Meeting Mister International is an opportunity that not everyone gets to experience, so it was truly amazing to have him as a guest at the event.

So grateful for experiences like these, can’t wait for what is in store for the near future!

Much love,

-Ranielle, Miss Teenage Scarborough 2016

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Hello! I’ve been busy with school, but I am back to blogging since school is over! It is already July which means that Miss Teenage Canada is almost here! Time goes by fast..

Last month, Mister International 2015, Pedro Mendes, from Switzerland arrived in Toronto. I was given the opportunity to meet him for the first time at a Japanese restaurant in Downtown, Toronto that same night along with a couple of my friends. I got the chance to introduce myself as soon as he arrived, and it was very exciting to meet someone who has won a major pageant title! I found out that he speaks Spanish, French, and Portuguese and just a little English. The last time I spoke and learned the French language was back in Grade 9 and I only know a little Spanish so it was quite the challenge, but at least I got to use my knowledge in both languages. He understands some English so that was a relief just in case my French and Spanish didn’t go the way I planned. Well, we were all excited to show him around Toronto for the week!


With Mister International 2015


…The mandatory selfie?

Centre Island Fun!

The following day, Ipen organized a picnic at Centre Island in Toronto. The weather was beautiful for a picnic! We spent the day relaxing on the beach, biking, and of course taking photos! As a group, we rented bikes for one hour and got to ride them around the island and explore! Me and my friend, Hayley, brought the little kiddos with us on our four-person bike. It was definitely a workout going back and forth on different trails carrying all of our weights in one! When I stepped down to grab a drink, I honestly could not even feel my legs! Although biking was very tiring, it was fun and the kids definitely enjoyed the ride! While waiting for the ferry to leave Centre Island and take us back, we got everyone in line to take a selfie with us! Surprisingly, everyone joined in! What’s a better way to kill time than to take a giant selfie with everyone?


The giant selfie with everyone in line for the ferry!


Enjoying the weather while relaxing on the beach








A picture with Mister International 2015





Mister International 2015, Pedro Mendes, stayed in Toronto for one week where he got the chance to tour the city and enjoy the diverse culture! After attending the Evolution of IPEN Homecoming 2016 (blog post about this event here), we had a goodbye dinner the day before his departure for Switzerland.

Goodbye Dinner


Again, another mandatory selfie


Bon Voyage Mister International 2015!

The day before Pedro’s trip back to Switzerland, we had a goodbye dinner for our new friend. I gave him a small gift to take back with him to remember his trip to Canada and new friends here from Toronto! He is planned to come back to Toronto this coming August! Exciting news!

Overall, it was a pleasure meeting Mister International 2015!

Until next time,

-Ranielle, Miss Teenage Scarborough 2016

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Hello and Happy Canada Day!

I am so blessed to be living in such a culturally diverse country. Canada is known for multiculturalism, lakes, poutine, and.. apologizing. This list can go on and on, but who wouldn’t love to be living in a country who is known to have such kind and humble people? Canada offers endless opportunities for everyone that has inspired other countries to follow in our footsteps. Recently, Canada has allowed more than 25,000 Syrian refugees to enter the country and start a brand new life. Isn’t that wonderful? This has given them an opportunity to begin fresh and experience a new culture. Having said that, what is your favourite thing about Canada/being Canadian?


Celebrating Canada Day at the Scarborough Civic Centre with Miss Teenage Toronto East

On that note, on July 1st, Miss Teenage Toronto East and I were welcomed to join the Canada Day Celebration at the Scarborough Civic Centre-Albert Campbell Square. In celebration of Canada’s 149th birthday, the event was filled with entertainment showcasing multicultural music and dances, “Taste of Canada” which is a food fair representing cultures from around the globe, a kids zone, and a parade late afternoon. We were able to take photos with different people at the event, enjoy the delicious food, speak to people about Miss Teenage Canada and also invite people to watch and support us, and as well as watching the live performances. Despite the changing weather throughout the day, or should I say the “all four seasons in one day” weather, the event was a success! It is definitely nice to see that everyone still came out to celebrate Canada Day regardless of what the weather was like. As we walked around to different booths and mingled with people, me and Sakshi, Miss Teenage Toronto East, enjoyed taking pictures with the kids. I find it cute when little kids are so amazed by us wearing crowns and looking up to us as actual princesses. In a couple years from now, they could also be wearing crowns and representing their own cities one day! Seeing the joy on their faces, I hope that, as a titleholder, we have inspired them to go out and follow their dreams, even if it is to become a princess one day.


Miss Teenage Scarborough and Miss Teenage Toronto East with Scarborough MPP’s and the Mayor of Toronto-John Tory

Later in the afternoon, the Mayor of Toronto-John Tory, Scarborough MPP’s including Brad Duguid and Mitzie Hunter celebrated Canada Day with the community! After each of them spoke on stage, there was a traditional Chinese Dragon dance which they all watched. When they stepped down from the stage, me-Miss Teenage Scarborough and Sakshi-Miss Teenage Toronto East approached Mayor John Tory where he congratulated us on our achievements of earning these titles and moving on to Miss Teenage Canada and we also took pictures with him and the other Scarborough MPP’s. As soon as we turned around to take pictures, many reporters and photographers were already taking pictures! Meeting the MPP’s of our community and the Mayor of Toronto was a great experience and I am glad that I was able to share with them the news of winning the title of Miss Teenage Scarborough as well as being a finalist for the upcoming Miss Teenage Canada pageant in July.


Miss Teenage Toronto East and I

The celebration of Canada Day in Scarborough was a success! The event displayed multiculturalism, how different cultures can come together as one. I am very happy to have been a part of such a wonderful event where I met many new faces and showed Canadian pride along with the rest of the community. Until next year!

By the way, it’s JULY, which means it is pageant month! Only a little more than two weeks until I get to meet all of the Miss Teenage Canada delegates! Can’t wait! I will keep everyone updated on People’s Choice voting very soon! For now, if you would like to support Free The Children and Victims of the Fort McMurray Fire, head to my facebook page to donate! Thank you in advance!

Much love,

or should I say “Canada eh?”

-Ranielle, Miss Teenage Scarborough 2016



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Hello again! School has been keeping me very busy, but now that school and exams are over, I am back with another blog post!

On May 21, 2016, I was given the opportunity to be a model at Canadian Asian Fashion Week held in Downtown, Toronto at The Carlu. I also walked the red carpet wearing my sash and crown! It was my first time walking an actual red carpet at an event, so it was memorable since my first red carpet experience was with my sash and crown. Canadian Asian Fashion Week showcased the various types of fashion found in Canada and in Asian countries including India, Japan, Philippines, and more! In between segments, there were singers and dancers who performed traditional dances and sang songs that suited the theme of the night. More importantly, the entire show showcased the diverse cultures in many Asian countries. It was a good night of fashion, food, entertainment, and glamour.


With several CAFW models


Canadian Asian Fashion Week!


Wearing a Terno









Models were called to be at the venue early that morning to fit hair, makeup and a rehearsal in before the red carpet at 3PM. It was a very hectic schedule with fittings in between, but it was all worth it in the end. The excitement started when people were arriving and music was playing near the red carpet. There were many photographers, it felt like we were attending an awards show! With my sash and crown, I walked the red carpet wearing a traditional Filipino costume called a “Terno”.


Outfit by Atelier Closet


Modelling a cocktail dress, terno, and traditional Indian outfit

I was a part of 3 different segments, in which I modelled a cocktail dress, a Terno, and I was chosen to walk for the Indian designer “Atelier Closet”. My outfit was a traditional Indian outfit and it was absolutely gorgeous! I did not want to take it off after! I was also told that the runway was 40 ft! Walking the runway was definitely a cool feeling. It felt bittersweet after completing my 3 segments because I wanted to do it all over again, but at the same time, it was a long day so it felt good to finally relax. After, I sat in the audience and cheered on my friends who were also a part of the show. The closing designer was “Dinesh Ramsay,” an international Bollywood designer.

Being able to attend and be a part of such great events like this is definitely incredible. It is an opportunity to meet new people, experience new things, and to improve specifically in modelling. It also gives me an opportunity to mingle with people and talk about Miss Teenage Canada and my platform as well.

Until next time,

-Ranielle, Miss Teenage Scarborough 2016



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Hi everyone. This blog post will be a little different..

As some of you know, there has been a wildfire in the area of Fort McMurray, Alberta that is still ongoing leaving thousands of people displaced without homes and necessities. It is all over the news and it is hard to miss. The wildfire is much greater than 2,290 square kilometres, and hopefully it will be stopped very soon with the help of other provinces and firefighters.

A giant fireball is seen as a wild fire rips through the forest 16 km south of Fort McMurray, Alberta on highway 63 Saturday, May 7, 2016. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jonathan Hayward

A glimpse of the Fort McMurray wildfire |              THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jonathan Hayward

There are around 700 firefighters, 26 helicopters, and 13 air tanker planes working on the Fort McMurray wildfire. Their job is definitely not easy, but I salute them for their tireless days and nights, and for saving 90% of Fort McMurray.

I have learned to be selfless in dealing with situations, to put yourself in other people’s shoes. The victims/residents of this community have no homes and are just living with relatives or are in evacuation centres. They could only grab what they could, some may have grabbed socks but left photos of memories. I, myself, can not imagine what they are feeling. At this time, my heart is definitely with the victims and hopefully with the help of other provinces as well as Alberta, they can all rise above this obstacle. Our prayers go out to the victims of this wildfire and the firefighters for the strength to stop the fire from spreading.

As a province, there have been many fundraisers that have been taking place. On the news recently, there was a little boy selling lemonade to raise funds to help the wildfire victims. Isn’t that amazing? People are working together to raise money for the people in need. The Canadian Red Cross is open for donations, and have already raised nearly $50 million for the Fort McMurray victims. Also, in my community, my own school is having a raffle ticket fundraiser where all the proceeds will go to the Canadian Red Cross for emergency relief.

In addition, I have been given an extra week to fundraise for Fort McMurray aside from my fundraising efforts for Free The Children! I will be starting to fundraise by the end of May and will continue until July (7 weeks). I will be splitting the funds so I can help both causes at once! Donate here: GoFundMe

Please continue to support me through this journey!

-Ranielle, Miss Teenage Scarborough 2016


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Hello and Happy (belated) Mother’s Day!

On May 7th, to celebrate Mother’s Day I was welcomed by Bridlewood Mall for their Mother’s Day Spa Event! This wonderful event consisted of FREE Manicures and Massages, as well as a free manicure set with a $30 purchase from the mall! Not only that, kids get to experience this too! Isn’t that an awesome deal? There’s no better way to spend Mother’s Day than to get a manicure and a massage.13161421_10205675461197326_1569024436_o

I got to mingle with the people attending the event to tell them my goals as a titleholder, my plans to fundraise for Free The Children, and that I am a finalist for Miss Teenage Canada. I also got to take pictures with people during that time and of course, I took pictures of the event as it went on.


Free Massages!


Mother’s Day Manicures for mothers and kids!







One of the best parts was watching the kids fill with joy as they get their manicure and experience what it is like to get a massage! Even though it is a celebration of Mother’s Day, the mother’s felt more joy to see their kids happy. I’m sure everyone who attended this event found it worth the wait! Since there was a long wait in line, there was a water station available, and it wasn’t just plain water, but fruit-infused water! With all the bright colours, it definitely felt like a spring celebration for Mother’s Day.


Made sure every seat was filled so everyone got a chance to get a massage/manicure 🙂


Your Miss Teenage Scarborough 2016 🙂

Hope everyone had a blessed Sunday and Mother’s Day!

Keep checking back for more updates, fundraisers coming soon!

-Ranielle, Miss Teenage Scarborough 2016



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Hey there!

Can you believe it? It’s already May! It means that exams are coming up, and Nationals is in 2 months! It feels like Miss Teenage Ontario was just last month, I am very excited to be representing Ontario at Miss Teenage Canada this July and meeting all the girls!

As a provincial titleholder, I will be fundraising for the charity Free The Children very soon! I have many things planned for the spring season and hopefully, you can all support me in my fundraising efforts and my journey towards Nationals!

I have a few upcoming events that I will be attending:

May 7- Mother’s Day Spa Event at Bridlewood Mall (2900 Warden Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario), 11AM-2PM.


May 14– I will be attending a fundraiser for Operation Smile 🙂

May 21Canadian Asian Fashion Week Event at The Carlu (444 Yonge St., Toronto, Ontario) in support of Sick Kids and Sunnybrook Hospitals. If you are interested, you can buy tickets at Eventbrite: Canadian Asian Fashion Week 943807_1671666686417916_8382712217931495231_n

Hopefully, I can add to my events/appearances for the month of May! Regarding my platform, social media safety, I am promoting my platform and spreading awareness on internet safety every chance that I get. My goal is to promote and educate people about online safety to reduce the negativity surrounding the topic of social media.

I am also looking for potential sponsors to support me on my journey towards Miss Teenage Canada! For more details/if interested, email me at: missteenagescarborough2016@hotmail.com

If you know any businesses that would be interested, please send me an email with contact information as well or leave a comment below!

Stay tuned for more events and updates on fundraisers!


Since spring is here, a picture in a spring outfit is necessary right?



-Ranielle, Miss Teenage Scarborough 2016

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Hello everyone!

Syria is a country located in the Middle East. This country has been experiencing war, involving the Syrian government, its allies and neighbouring countries, for almost 5 years now and is still ongoing. Millions of lives have already been taken as a result of this war, and more than 4.5 million Syrians have fled Syria (most being women and children) to seek refuge in the neighbouring countries. Syria is completely destroyed due to the war.

Syria's heritage in ruins

The left photos show the country of Syria before the war, and the right photos show Syria after the war has taken place.


Women and children fleeing their country to seek refuge

It is heartbreaking to hear that the homes of these people have been taken away from them and are forced to leave their home country all because of the war. Families, especially children are affected emotionally and mentally and need help to move on from their experiences and start fresh.

On the bright side, Canada has welcomed 25,000 Syrian refugees giving them the opportunity to start a brand new life in our country. According to the Government of Canada website, 26,207 Syrian refugees have already arrived in Canada. Our government has a humanitarian program, and it is a humanitarian act to help the Syrian refugees start anew and give what Canada can offer. Our country is serving as an example of compassion.

So, why is this important?

Well, since so many Syrian refugees have arrived in Canada, they need necessities such as clothing, food, houseware, etc.


Syrian Refugees in Bekaa Valley Refugee Camp in Lebanon

This past weekend, I volunteered for Friends of Syria at Ports Toronto where I learned about the importance of volunteerism. Organizations like these rely on volunteers to help them accomplish their goal, which in this case is to help the Syrian refugees not only in Canada but also in a place called Bekaa Valley located in Lebanon. Friends of Syria sends at least 2 containers full of necessities such as clothing to a Syrian refugee camp in Bekaa Valley that is in great need. This camp has been categorized as “forgotten” and do not have the necessities to survive in harsh conditions.

As the director of Friends of Syria informed me about their mission and this camp, I realized how important volunteerism is. Without volunteers, nothing can be done. This inspired me to not only volunteer even more whenever I can, but to also spread this message.

While I was volunteering for Friends of Syria, I sorted out clothing donations for them to be put into their proper rooms according to the items, such as clothing or kitchenware. I also talked about Miss Teenage Canada and received their support.


So many garbage bags full of donations and this isn’t even a quarter of them!


Sorting clothing donations for Friends of Syria


Volunteering for Friends of Syria to help the Syrian refugees both in Canada and in Bekaa Valley Refugee Camp










My experience volunteering here has taught me a lot and I will definitely volunteer again soon! If you would like to volunteer, Friends of Syria are welcoming volunteers every Sunday! They really need the help of volunteers, and the Syrian refugees need your help as well! Please come and help out! For more information, visit the Friends of Syria website!

Also, feel free to leave a comment below!

-Ranielle, Miss Teenage Scarborough 2016

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Today, April 8 is International Pageant Day

First off, what are beauty pageants? Beauty pageants are judged competitions, such as Miss Universe. Pageants incorporate an individual’s physical appearance, personality, talent, and intelligence. There are a lot of stereotypes that revolve around beauty pageants, along with different opinions on the topic. Yes, there is a swimsuit and evening gown portion, but there is more to just the physical aspect of pageants. What people don’t understand is that beauty pageants offer a new experience, as well as meeting people from different backgrounds and places..making friendships. More importantly, pageants give individuals a platform, to  stand for something they believe in.


“Miss Teenage Scarborough 2016”

Wearing a sash with your hometown, province, or country alone is an amazing feeling. To carry the name of where you’re from is an honour. Being given the title of Miss Teenage Scarborough, I make sure to wear my sash and crown with pride. As a finalist for Miss Teenage Canada 2016, I look forward to representing the province of Ontario.

To all the current beauty queens, wear your sash and crown with pride today! Be proud of your achievement!


Happy International Pageant Day! #PageantProud


My sash and crown!










-Ranielle, Miss Teenage Scarborough 2016


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