There is only one day left until Miss teenage Canada. I woke up early to start preparing for tomorrow. I picked out all my outfits, scheduled my whole day, and started working. I amĀ  very excited to reunite with the Ontario girls and also to meet new girls from other provinces. I am working really hard to do everything perfectly for this pageant. The six days will be full of new experiences, excitement, and suspense. This pageant is really important for me since it was always my dream to win a big pageant. If I win, I would feel successful and it would make my friends and family proud of me. But If I don’t win, then I would be glad for the experience and try again as my mom has taught me to never give up.

Throughout my journey of being miss teenage scarborough 2018, my friends and family have supported me financially and motivated me. They play a huge role in preparing me for the pageant mentally and physically. My friends helped picked out a dress that would suit me the best, and got me the perfect jewelry for it. I am delighted to wear the dress for this competition and to do my best walk to impress the judges.

To be financially prepared for the competition, I started working at Mcdonalds near my house. Working is a good experience and my co-workers are supportive about this pageant. My managers let me take days off to prepare for the competition and gave me a whole week off for the pageant week. I am so glad to have a job where my opinions and personal life is valued.

I would like to thank everyone that was a part of my journey. It wouldn’t have been as smooth as it is without any of them. Also a big Thank You for constantly believing in me and not letting me give up. I promise to do my best and make them proud.

Written by: Riddhi

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