So today we woke up super early to have breakfast from the Local Cafe. I had a breakfast sandwich, fruit bowl and apple, cranberry juice. It was delicious. Later they took us down for our hair and makeup. My hair and makeup turned out to be beautiful thanks to modern makeup studios. Since it was supposed to be more of a natural look, we didn’t glam it up much.

The best part of day was lunch and dinner thanks to clean meals! Clean Meals is a catering company that provides all types of healthy food including vegan food. Healthy food is really important but its also as important for the food to taste good and, clean meals is both: Healthy and delicious. For Lunch I had the Whole-wheat lasagna with lean-ground turkey and side of vegetables. It was amazing and filled me up completely.

Doesn’t it look super tasty?

After Lunch we had rehearsals for preliminary and final night, which was super tiring. After all the hard work, I was hungry. So for dinner, I had Kale, black beans, and avocado burrito bowl. All of these main ingredients give an amazing source of protein, which was definitely needed. And it also looked and tasted delicious.

I would definitely try Clean Meals again and I suggest you do too. There aren’t many good places where the food is delicious and  100% healthy. Here’s the link to Clean Meals.


Written by: Riddhi

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