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Before I tell you about my platform, some of you may be wondering..”what is a platform?” Well, a platform is a cause or an organization that a delegate promotes throughout her reign with the pageant. For my platform, I have chosen social media safety. 

Why did I choose this platform?

I chose this platform because technology has climbed its way to become a great impact in our lives. For many teenagers, it is a part of our daily lives. This topic is relevant to society today so it would benefit youth worldwide to gain knowledge about staying safe online. My slogan for this platform is “think before you click.” Since we need to think twice before we hit “post,” the slogan fits right into my platform and is easy to remember.

My platform goal

It is my goal to educate everyone, mainly youth, on what and what not to post on the internet regarding personal information and opinions. Throughout my reign as Miss Teenage Scarborough 2016, I have been able to speak to people of all ages about why it is important to protect ourselves on social media platforms, as well as a few tips to remember when creating posts. I have been given the opportunity to educate people in my community as a titleholder, which has served as a benefit for everyone. Being able to talk about my platform has not only helped others, but it has helped me improve my public speaking skills and lead me to realize how important this topic is. If given the honour to be Miss Teenage Canada 2016, I would use my voice to educate more people about social media safety on a national level. I would do my best to be a great teenage ambassador of this country by speaking about my platform, as well as inspiring youth from all over the nation.

Before I sign off, here are some tips on staying safe online:

  • Customize privacy options to “Friends”: This helps manage who can see your posts and who can’t. Also, make sure to only accept people that you know.
  • Keep personal info personal: NEVER share your passwords, address, or phone number to anyone you do not know!
  • Do not post pictures that could potentially get you in trouble: Yes I know that there are times when you want to share pictures of where you went recently, but remember, some pictures must not be posted. It is better to be safe than sorry.


T– is it true?

H– is it helpful?

I– is it illegal?

N– is it necessary?

K– is it kind?

Reminder: Once posted, always posted so.. THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK

-Ranielle, Miss Teenage Scarborough 2016


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