Hello Everyone!

I recently participated in my first pageant and I was nervous as well as excited. I was glad to be crowned as miss teenage scarborough 2018. I had a clear vision of path to reach my dreams. I worked as hard as I could to get my walk perfect, to get the choreography right, to get the perfect dress and most importantly to be the best I can. Using skills and knowledge from the regionals pageant, I am preparing for the nationals. With the strong goal of winning the nationals, I also have the goal of promoting my platform.

My platform is self esteem and confidence. Teens usually see models in magazines and commercials and desire to be like them instead of being themselves, this results in lack of self esteem. This can stop the teens from trying something new and reaching their goals. They will put an end to their dreams because they are not who they wish to be like.

Self esteem and confidence is really important to me because I faced self esteem issues. I always wanted to be like the models on TV. I started dieting, exercising a lot and counting calories, before I realized that it caused a health problem and I was trying to be someone I was not all along. It took me time to recover and I started being myself and then I realized that I am better off being myself than to someone that I just saw on TV.  After I gained confidence, I knew that I won half the battle. I was not far from success.

Now, as I continue on my road of success, I want to motivate teens to be themselves and to gain confidence. They should embrace their flaws because everyone is beautiful in their own ways.

Written by: Riddhi

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