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So, Day 2!


Thank you Modern Makeup Canada for my makeup and Trichos Evolution for my hair!

We had to be ready by 8AM ready to go for breakfast, followed by a full day of photoshoots, video shoots, and rehearsals. For breakfast, there was a variety of fruits set on the table and we had Tim Horton’s biscuits, my favourite! Typical Canadian? Maybe. Upon finishing, we were sent by groups to get our hair and makeup done. Thanks to Modern Makeup Canada and Trichos Evolution, all of the delegates looked gorgeous and glammed up our photoshoot and video shoot. I love being in front of a camera while simply being myself, so I was enthusiastic entering into the room prepared to meet the talented photographer and of course, smile. I was very comfortable working with him and it went by very quick. My favourite part was when the fan was on, model status right there. So following the photoshoot, I had to do the video shoot which was a little more nerve-wrecking but in a good way. The videographer seemed very laid back, which is good and I just did my thing through my answers and introduction. Then voilà, all finished


Sneak peek of my cocktail dress! (Will be posting official headshot very soon!)

before 1PM! There was time to relax and post pictures and updates on social media.

After lunch, we had a couple hours of straight rehearsals learning the opening dance (the song is a surprise, sorry) and our evening gown and swimwear walks taught by our amazing and hilarious choreographers, Hollywood and Sean.

Finally, it was time for dinner! There were different types of food set on the tables for us to choose from. Thank you to everyone who prepared them! It was delicious!

Now, it is time for me to go to bed..Can’t wait for day 3!

-Ranielle, Miss Teenage Scarborough 2016


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Written by: Ranielle

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