So today we woke up super early to have breakfast from the Local Cafe. I had a breakfast sandwich, fruit bowl and apple, cranberry juice. It was delicious. Later they took us down for our hair and makeup. My hair and makeup turned out to be beautiful thanks to modern makeup studios. Since it was supposed to be more of a natural look, we didn’t glam it up much.

The best part of day was lunch and dinner thanks to clean meals! Clean Meals is a catering company that provides all types of healthy food including vegan food. Healthy food is really important but its also as important for the food to taste good and, clean meals is both: Healthy and delicious. For Lunch I had the Whole-wheat lasagna with lean-ground turkey and side of vegetables. It was amazing and filled me up completely.

Doesn’t it look super tasty?

After Lunch we had rehearsals for preliminary and final night, which was super tiring. After all the hard work, I was hungry. So for dinner, I had Kale, black beans, and avocado burrito bowl. All of these main ingredients give an amazing source of protein, which was definitely needed. And it also looked and tasted delicious.

I would definitely try Clean Meals again and I suggest you do too. There aren’t many good places where the food is delicious and  100% healthy. Here’s the link to Clean Meals.


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There is only one day left until Miss teenage Canada. I woke up early to start preparing for tomorrow. I picked out all my outfits, scheduled my whole day, and started working. I am  very excited to reunite with the Ontario girls and also to meet new girls from other provinces. I am working really hard to do everything perfectly for this pageant. The six days will be full of new experiences, excitement, and suspense. This pageant is really important for me since it was always my dream to win a big pageant. If I win, I would feel successful and it would make my friends and family proud of me. But If I don’t win, then I would be glad for the experience and try again as my mom has taught me to never give up.

Throughout my journey of being miss teenage scarborough 2018, my friends and family have supported me financially and motivated me. They play a huge role in preparing me for the pageant mentally and physically. My friends helped picked out a dress that would suit me the best, and got me the perfect jewelry for it. I am delighted to wear the dress for this competition and to do my best walk to impress the judges.

To be financially prepared for the competition, I started working at Mcdonalds near my house. Working is a good experience and my co-workers are supportive about this pageant. My managers let me take days off to prepare for the competition and gave me a whole week off for the pageant week. I am so glad to have a job where my opinions and personal life is valued.

I would like to thank everyone that was a part of my journey. It wouldn’t have been as smooth as it is without any of them. Also a big Thank You for constantly believing in me and not letting me give up. I promise to do my best and make them proud.

Written by: Riddhi
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My journey so far, on becoming Miss teenage Canada 2018 has been a valued experience. I have met many new people while attending events, fundraising and promoting my platform and title. These people have made my journey even more interesting by inspiring and motivating me to put my best foot forward.

On August 11, 2018, I was a guest at the raasmotion event. Raasmotion is an organization run by a group of young people to promote folk dancing in Ontario universities. There were more than 500 people there so I had set up my own booth there to fundraise for free the children charity. Due to the successful event, I raised over $350. 

On the day on the event, I was very nervous because I didn’t know if the people at the event would be generous enough to help me gather fund. But as soon as I went there, I felt welcomed with positive energy all around. These people not only helped me for charity but wished me well for the competition. Since this was a social event, I made so many new friends and I am excited to share my journey with them.

This title has given me so many new experience that I would embrace for the rest of my life. Also made so many new friendships that would last forever. I appreciate and honor this title and despite all the struggles and hard work, I would not have it any other way.

Written by: Riddhi
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Hello Everyone!

I recently participated in my first pageant and I was nervous as well as excited. I was glad to be crowned as miss teenage scarborough 2018. I had a clear vision of path to reach my dreams. I worked as hard as I could to get my walk perfect, to get the choreography right, to get the perfect dress and most importantly to be the best I can. Using skills and knowledge from the regionals pageant, I am preparing for the nationals. With the strong goal of winning the nationals, I also have the goal of promoting my platform.

My platform is self esteem and confidence. Teens usually see models in magazines and commercials and desire to be like them instead of being themselves, this results in lack of self esteem. This can stop the teens from trying something new and reaching their goals. They will put an end to their dreams because they are not who they wish to be like.

Self esteem and confidence is really important to me because I faced self esteem issues. I always wanted to be like the models on TV. I started dieting, exercising a lot and counting calories, before I realized that it caused a health problem and I was trying to be someone I was not all along. It took me time to recover and I started being myself and then I realized that I am better off being myself than to someone that I just saw on TV.  After I gained confidence, I knew that I won half the battle. I was not far from success.

Now, as I continue on my road of success, I want to motivate teens to be themselves and to gain confidence. They should embrace their flaws because everyone is beautiful in their own ways.

Written by: Riddhi
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Hello everyone! I am blogging to you live from the Miss Teenage Canada pageant, which means that the 2016 Search for Miss Teenage Canada has officially begun! 


My MTC room mate, Shawna!

As a regional titleholder from Toronto, Ontario, I arrived at the hotel around 3PM, after a 30 min drive, ready to take on the activities for the day. Feelings of excitement rushed through me as I walked into the hotel with my heavy luggages and dress bags, then greeted by the videographer. Time to shine! I greeted many girls with warm hugs and smiles, and it felt nice to reunite with the Ontario girls, or should I say Ontario squad? We checked into our hotel rooms and met our room mates, and the struggle was definitely real trying to bring all of our belongings up to our hotel rooms! My MTC roomie is Shawna, from British Columbia!

Around 7:00PM, after unpacking and getting to know some of the national delegates, we headed into the ballroom at Holiday Inn-Toronto International Airport to attend the opening night festivities of the 2016 search for the new Miss Teenage Canada. As I walked into the ballroom, I felt a rush of excitement because I realized that I am actually here, competing for the title alongside 54 delegates across Canada. I’m grateful to be given this opportunity and I am making every minute count.


Proudly wearing my provincial sash at the opening night of Miss Teenage Canada!


Provincial Sashes! Do you see Ontario?

The sponsor night party was a blast! I truly enjoyed getting to know more of the delegates and meeting our lovely sponsors. Products and goodies were laid out on different tables for us to keep. First, me and a bunch of girls headed to get our provincial sashes and a cool MTC button to put our sash together. I felt pride putting on my sash and I will continue to wear it with pride and honour because I am representing not just myself, but my entire province supporting me through this journey.



The shirt I got from Nuvango! Isn’t it cool?

logoOur lovely sponsor, Nuvango, is a team of talented art lovers who showcase their talents by making great products. Me and my new group of friends went to the table with bright coloured clothing! It looked very attractive so we had to go check it out. The woman behind the table explained how these clothing designs came to life and the story behind the artwork. There were clothes laid out according to sizes, so I picked a shirt in my size that had an animal print on it with a great variety of colours. Every single one of us got our #nuvangostyle on! I’m looking forward to visiting the Nuvango headquarters on Tuesday. Thank you for the great gifts Nuvango!


Thank you V.P.I Canada for sponsoring the 2016 delegates! (V.P.I Canada Model #2514)


Logo-VPIFor all of our outings during the week, I needed a new pair of sunglasses for protection on these hot summer days. Luckily, V.P.I Canada was there with free designer sunglasses giving one pair for each delegate! I found my pair of V.P.I Clubmaster Sunglasses (2514), as soon as I tried them on I knew they were the ones. The ones I picked are $28.00 plus shipping and handling. Thank you V.P.I Canada, I will be sure to make you proud. Now, I will feel fashionable everywhere we go this week!



blacklogo2Hashtags are a great way to share posts on social media! All thanks to Hashtagio, all of our social media posts tagged with #missteenagecanada2016 was collected and projected live at the opening party! Cool right? Everyone was able to see their posts live in only one quick step, using the hashtag. Not only that, they make a single feed URL in which all of our friends and family can subscribe and also see the different activities that we are doing throughout the entire week in real time. All of these posts can also be found on the Miss Teenage Canada website. Thank you Hashtagio for incorporating this into our week!



With some delegates in front of the Sweets Canada banner!


Delicious edible flower chocolate, the “Dark Chocolate Matcha Green Jasmine Petals”

As a person who absolutely loves chocolate, the Sweets-Canada-LogoSweets Canada table caught my eye! Better yet, we were free to try some of the goodies on the table. Sam Dhutia from Sweets Canada, gave out samples, and I chose an edible flower chocolate bar. Specifically, I got “Dark Chocolate Matcha Green Jasmine Petals.” The chocolate was not too sweet and it has a kick to it as you eat it because of the flowers. It was very different but it tasted good! It is affordable as well! Referring to the original packaging, the chocolate is in a brown pouch and has a green label. The packing is so unique and cute!

Follow them on twitter for sweet updates @SweetsCanadaCA and their parent company QFoodsCanada @QFoodscanada!



Getting my golf skills ready, but first I have to take a photo!

brg-logo-greenTime to get active! Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy, which hosts golf lessons at six golf courses west of Toronto, was at the sponsor’s night. All delegates got the chance to take pictures and practice their golfing skills before the real deal on Wednesday when we will visit the golf academy and play a one-hole golf game for golf jackets for ladies (prizes given by SWING Active Wear) at the end of our lessons at two different locations. See you!



Testing my skills or taking out some of the competition?

photoArcher’s Arena brought a bow and arrow with a big orange marshmallow attached to it. It was definitely a good opportunity to bring out my inner Katniss. On Thursday, we will all be going to play Archery Tag in Toronto at Archer’s Arena. Time to really bring out my inner Katniss in the game of archery tag! So exciting!



Shaquille O’Neal’s size 22 double-wide Timberland shoe!


A Japanese Slipper, can you imagine trying to walk in these?

We visited Bata Shoe Museum on Tuesday and we were educated about the logo-bsm-bkhistory on different styles of shoes. We even got to hold a replica of Shaquille O’Neal’s size 22 double wide Timberland shoe! It was as long as my arm! We got to hold all of the shoes and then we got to tour the actual museum and learn a little about the story behind each shoe. Interesting!

Follow them on twitter at @BataShoeMuseum and use the hashtag #batashoemuseum

Fishd by EDO

074eKfudWe have yet to visit Fishd by EDO this week, but for now follow them on instagram/twitter/facebook at @fishdbyedo




Thank you Yogen Fruz for the $15 coupon for us delegates. It will not go to waste!

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @yogenfruz

logo-headerSTORIA PR INC.

Storia PR located in Toronto was at the party! The wonderful ladies are a part of our 2016 MTC experience through reposting the media postings we make, everywhere we go this week! Definitely, social media is a big aspect of our world today.

Twitter&Instagram: @storiapr



Golden Glamour Godesses offered spray tans and eyelash extensions at a discounted price just of the MTC delegates so that we will be ready for the pageant! They also offered homemade body butter!


Thank you for the goodies in our gift bag! Very much appreciated.


More sponsors that have yet to make an appearance: Archer Dental.

What a packed Sponsors Night! Thank you to all of the Miss Teenage Canada sponsors!

-Ranielle, Miss Teenage Scarborough 2016

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Hey everyone! Just before I talk about how hectic today was..some of you may be having trouble with the voting. We are aware that the site may be down sometimes due to traffic, but please keep trying by checking throughout the day to get your vote in, this is very much appreciated!

So, Day 2!


Thank you Modern Makeup Canada for my makeup and Trichos Evolution for my hair!

We had to be ready by 8AM ready to go for breakfast, followed by a full day of photoshoots, video shoots, and rehearsals. For breakfast, there was a variety of fruits set on the table and we had Tim Horton’s biscuits, my favourite! Typical Canadian? Maybe. Upon finishing, we were sent by groups to get our hair and makeup done. Thanks to Modern Makeup Canada and Trichos Evolution, all of the delegates looked gorgeous and glammed up our photoshoot and video shoot. I love being in front of a camera while simply being myself, so I was enthusiastic entering into the room prepared to meet the talented photographer and of course, smile. I was very comfortable working with him and it went by very quick. My favourite part was when the fan was on, model status right there. So following the photoshoot, I had to do the video shoot which was a little more nerve-wrecking but in a good way. The videographer seemed very laid back, which is good and I just did my thing through my answers and introduction. Then voilà, all finished


Sneak peek of my cocktail dress! (Will be posting official headshot very soon!)

before 1PM! There was time to relax and post pictures and updates on social media.

After lunch, we had a couple hours of straight rehearsals learning the opening dance (the song is a surprise, sorry) and our evening gown and swimwear walks taught by our amazing and hilarious choreographers, Hollywood and Sean.

Finally, it was time for dinner! There were different types of food set on the tables for us to choose from. Thank you to everyone who prepared them! It was delicious!

Now, it is time for me to go to bed..Can’t wait for day 3!

-Ranielle, Miss Teenage Scarborough 2016


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Hello! I am blogging live from the Miss Teenage Canada pageant! I am incredibly happy to be here and I can’t wait for the rest of the week.


With Miss Teenage Canada 2015, Sarah Wojcik

I arrived at Holiday Inn at around 3 PM with feelings of excitement and happiness. I got to reunite with the Ontario girls as well as meet the other delegates from different provinces. Later on, we checked into our hotel rooms and got to finally meet our room mates for the week. My roomie is from British Columbia and I can’t wait to get to know her a little more. In the evening, we had a welcome party/sponsor’s night. There were goodies everywhere and we were given plenty of opportunities to take photographs with our new sashes.

From sunglasses to chocolate to shoes, it was a pretty good night receiving all of these cool products from our lovely sponsors. Thank you to all of the sponsors of Miss Teenage Canada! We are all very happy to have you as a part of our experience. I won’t go into too much detail because I have another blog post coming soon about the opening festivities.

There’s always that one mandatory selfie..


Ontario girls #Ontarioforthecrown

For the last portion, there was a cake that had “Welcome 2016 Miss Teenage Canada” on it, and it was delicious! All in all, it was a fine evening getting to meet more of the delegates. I can’t wait for what is in store next!


The delegate with the most votes will advance to the Top 20 and will become “People’s Choice”!

Make sure to vote for me by following the instructions below. One vote per email address, so get ready to vote and share! Thank you in advance!


-Ranielle, Miss Teenage Scarborough 2016


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Tomorrow, I will be leaving to compete for the title of Miss Teenage Canada 2016! I am very grateful for the support that I have received ever since I joined Miss Teenage Ontario back in January. Ever since I won the title of Miss Teenage Scarborough, I have worked hard to be where I am today, but none of this would be possible without my generous sponsors.

Sponsors of Miss Teenage Scarborough 2016:

logo_IYN-ec5596_SelectedLingerie 4 “U”– Thank you Shaw family for sponsoring me some of my outfits for pageant week and for all your support! The store is located in Whitby, ON providing swimwear, sleepwear, ladies lingerie including regular and special bra sizes. Visit their store and they will provide you with anything you need.

Baskin Robbins (York Mills Plaza, Toronto)- Thank you Laury for donating ice cream tubs for my BBQ For A Cause Fundraiser. Your donation contributed to helping me reach my fundraising goal. Thank you for the support!

Mrs. Leora del Rosario and Family- Thank you for financially supporting me for my journey towards Miss Teenage Canada and for your constant support! See you all on the finals night!

Chez-JordanChez Jordan- Thank you to all the staff at Chez Jordan located on 4041 Steeles Avenue West. for partially sponsoring me my beautiful evening gowns for Miss Teenage Canada and my photoshoot gown. You all made sure that everything was just right from the gown style to the gown fitting just in time for the pageant. Also, thank you for your patience and support! I will be sure to take lots of pictures to show you when I get back! I definitely recommend Chez Jordan if you are looking for bridal and evening gowns or cocktail dresses.

Friends at Sunnybrook and Sick Kids Hospital- Thank you to each and every one of you for your constant support on my social media pages and for supporting me financially. I hope to see some of you on the finals night as well!

Bong Molano Photography Thank you Bong Molano for supporting my first photoshoot as a titleholder. I loved all of the pictures! If anyone is looking for a photographer for events, etc. contact Bong Molano.

Ino Pascua- Thank you for your support and tips, and for doing my hair and makeup for my photoshoot as a titleholder.

Anne Yamoto- Thank you for supporting me financially and for your continuous support!

Also, thank you to everyone who donated to support my fundraising efforts for Free The Children and Victims of the Fort McMurray Fire. Your help is very much appreciated!

Thank you to my family and friends for your never ending support, JIA Family, and my supportive community. I am proud to represent the province of Ontario!

Special thank you to everyone who has supported me from day one, you know who you are. I would not be here if it wasn’t for all the kind words and motivation. I hope to make my entire community proud. I will be thinking of all my supporters as I walk on the stage on Sunday. THANK YOU!

-Ranielle, Miss Teenage Scarborough 2016



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Hello everyone!

Before I tell you about my platform, some of you may be wondering..”what is a platform?” Well, a platform is a cause or an organization that a delegate promotes throughout her reign with the pageant. For my platform, I have chosen social media safety. 

Why did I choose this platform?

I chose this platform because technology has climbed its way to become a great impact in our lives. For many teenagers, it is a part of our daily lives. This topic is relevant to society today so it would benefit youth worldwide to gain knowledge about staying safe online. My slogan for this platform is “think before you click.” Since we need to think twice before we hit “post,” the slogan fits right into my platform and is easy to remember.

My platform goal

It is my goal to educate everyone, mainly youth, on what and what not to post on the internet regarding personal information and opinions. Throughout my reign as Miss Teenage Scarborough 2016, I have been able to speak to people of all ages about why it is important to protect ourselves on social media platforms, as well as a few tips to remember when creating posts. I have been given the opportunity to educate people in my community as a titleholder, which has served as a benefit for everyone. Being able to talk about my platform has not only helped others, but it has helped me improve my public speaking skills and lead me to realize how important this topic is. If given the honour to be Miss Teenage Canada 2016, I would use my voice to educate more people about social media safety on a national level. I would do my best to be a great teenage ambassador of this country by speaking about my platform, as well as inspiring youth from all over the nation.

Before I sign off, here are some tips on staying safe online:

  • Customize privacy options to “Friends”: This helps manage who can see your posts and who can’t. Also, make sure to only accept people that you know.
  • Keep personal info personal: NEVER share your passwords, address, or phone number to anyone you do not know!
  • Do not post pictures that could potentially get you in trouble: Yes I know that there are times when you want to share pictures of where you went recently, but remember, some pictures must not be posted. It is better to be safe than sorry.


T– is it true?

H– is it helpful?

I– is it illegal?

N– is it necessary?

K– is it kind?

Reminder: Once posted, always posted so.. THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK

-Ranielle, Miss Teenage Scarborough 2016


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